Gorman Circadian Research Lab

About our Lab

Practically all life on earth is regulated by internal clocks.
Study of these clocks represents one of the hottest areas in behavioral neuroscience, physiology, and molecular and cellular biology.
Located 5 minutes from the beach in the comfort of La Jolla, California, the Gorman Circadian Rhythms Lab is part of the UCSD Center for Chronobiology, a world center for circadian research.

A few areas of emphasis in the Gorman Circadian Rhythms Lab are:
1. Understanding how the circadian clock is put together
2. Learning how individual multiple circadian clocks interact with one another
3. Using animal models to develop strategies for adjustment of human clocks to help shift-workers
4. Examining how the timing drug exposure (e.g., alcohol, amphetamine may contribute to the effects of drugs and the development of addiction
5. Studying how biological timing affects the life history of animals from birth through senescence and death